After many years of waiting, we can now present Henrik Thor-Larsen's sensational easy chair from 1968.

OVALIA was exhibited for the first time at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968 and was an immediate success. The chair was sold up to 1978 and was in demand throughout the world. It is just as contemporary today as it was then and is back in the spotlight for its relaunch. Apart from a few improvements, there have been no visible changes to the design.

OVALIA is a classic furniture design. A chair with a lot of attitude. Hollywood was well aware of this when it was decided to put Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in an OVALIA each for the launch of the films MEN IN BLACK I & II.


MATERIAL: Shell of glass fibre-reinforced
polyester painted shiny white.

FABRIC: Wool / Nylon
Cushions in polyester and synthetic padding.

COLOUR: More then 20 different colours.

FOOT: Removable, rotating, painted
or polished aluminium.
Height 14 cm.